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About Halal Penang

Penang, as the most progressive state in Malaysia, has initiated the development of Penang International Halal Hub to serve the growing global consumer demands for Halal products, services and solutions. For the 2nd smallest state in Malaysia, this is a natural progression as it rides on the strength of more than 35 years of manufacturing excellence.

In support of Malaysia’s vision to be the world Halal leader, Penang capitalizes on its competitive advantages to promote Halal industries as the emerging engine of growth and generate sustainable economic values for the state. A strong tri-partite model of collaboration between government, private and academic quarters formed the basis of the PIHH administrative structure. The PIHH Task Force and PIHH Steering Committees for the Halal Clusters had been set up to mould the policies and direction for PIHH to become the leading hub in the State and region.
The seriousness of the Penang State Government is reflected in its decision to form an agency named PIHH Development Sdn Bhd, also known as Halal Penang, to spearhead the coordination and facilitation of the promotion and development of the Halal industries in Penang. Halal Penang works in tandem with the State’s investment promotion agency, investPenang, Penang Development Corporation (PDC), State Religious Department (JAIPP) as well as the federal authorities such as Halal Industry Development Corporation (HDC) and JAKIM. Through these working relationships, the State government envisaged lifting the Halal industries to greater heights
Penang International Halal Hub is not just another halal hub or park in Malaysia. We take pride in understanding the needs of investors and businesses; link them with the most integrated supply chain solutions whilst maintaining the most conducive investment environment.
PIHH Development Sdn Bhd (also known as Halal Penang) is the agency of the Penang State Government responsible for the promotion, facilitation and development of the Penang International Halal Hub (PIHH).
To position Penang as the location of choice for investments in Halal-based industries, destination of choice for Halal/family-concept tourism and residence of choice for Halal/ family-concept lifestyle and sustainable living.
To drive the development and promotion of the Penang International Halal Hub.
  1. To strengthen Penang’s economic and competitive edge
  2. To develop Penang global branding as the hub for high quality Halal products and services
  3. To facilitate the growth of domestic industries and participation of Penang companies in the global Halal market

  • To plan, manage and facilitate all aspects of the promotion and development the Penang International Halal Hub initiative.
  • To direct and coordinate the development of Penang Halal industry amongst all stake holders – both public and private
  • To facilitate investments into the Penang International Halal Hub in all identified focus areas
  • To manage capacity building for Penang Halal companies
  • To assist in the marketing of Penang Halal products and services
  • To network with local and international Halal parks for greater efficiency in the sourcing, production and distribution of Halal products and services
  • To support the infrastructure for R&D and training for Penang companies to stay abreast of global developments in Halal–related technology and management procedures
  • To expedite the establishment of Penang Halal Parks
  • To act as the secretariat for the Penang International Halal Hub Task Force, Steering Committees and Halal Integrity Panel